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A defiant Wade wore the Basketball Association, Lining, why can’t you Sohu CBA Sports League ushered in the second round of the contest, the focus in a confrontation in the Shenzhen men’s basketball team in the home court against old rivals Guangdong. From the return of Yi Jianlian NBA ushered in the return to the Guangdong team debut, with the final moments of the play he, the Shenzhen team 89-88 victory over the Guangdong team, ushered in the new season of the two game winning streak, Guangdong suffered two defeats. Do not know because the shoes don’t fit or feel angry, Yi Jianlian in the end when the direct field off shoes, sneakers and the floor, bare feet go off, let the audience in front of the TV and the fans feel very surprised, some fans think this is certainly not a shoe foot, because in the game with their shoes made repeated argentina. Yi Jianlian then replaced the personal brand of shoes for the stage again, but the referee stipulated according to the alliance ban Yi Jianlian team, Yi Jianlian chose to exit, back to the locker room. In an interview, Yi answered a reporter’s question (why suddenly shoes) "no shoes, suddenly, before the start of the match I had let the club to the association to report the situation." A League of Arab league. "When the 2010 World Championships, because of their bad shoe and lead to Achilles tendon inflammation, later in the doctor’s advice on the choice of shoes very carefully, including the sole, insole need special, because it is easy because of the reason of Achilles tendon foot (injured), which is the movement of science." "Before the game, as a player of CBA, must be in accordance with the relevant provisions of the association to do. I also tried to (sponsor shoes), but before the game began to warm-up in (feel) very uncomfortable, after the start of the game are not dare to action. Ran a few back and forth also appeared in the pain of the situation, I also go to the recording table again to explain the situation, but no way, this is the rule. But I really can not wear the shoes to continue to participate in the game, they can only take off." The Arab League added to. What is the association and the League sponsors of the "rules"? From 2012 to the beginning of the 2013 season, Lining to a record price of $2 billion a year to become a CBA sponsor, including shoes, jerseys and other equipment, the exclusive sponsorship of the. 2012 to 2014, Lining are given the number of places to wear Nike shoes, Nike must pay $500 thousand per person for the 13. After Lining gradually reduced the number of competing products to wear shoes, the shoes are all provisions of competing products into "labeling" processing, the number from 8 to 4. This year is the last season of Lining’s sponsorship of the CBA five. Perhaps from a commercial point of view, Lining label will be canceled, requiring all CBA domestic players must wear the League sponsor Lining brand shoes. The association also formulated the provisions of the new management and punishment: if there are players in the social platform, the league and the sponsor accused intentionally derogatory behavior, will be required to be suspended. CBA league can have a relatively prosperous situation today, with about 5 years of high price to become the League partner Li Ning Co has made a huge contribution, can be said that each CBA club, each CBA players are?相关的主题文章:


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