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A county magistrate in Hubei asked university students to eat their meals illegally, which was seriously warned. Which red lines should not be trampled? Case forty-six: "private passengers waiting for public" illegal reimbursement, deputy county magistrate was seriously warned A county government party members, deputy county Wang, a university student Li in a university as director of student affairs. During the Spring Festival in February 2015, Li returned home to visit relatives, passing the county, and Wang contact. Good boy Wang Mougang is the college entrance examination, please help to Lee, sent a car to Lee received the county, Li Mousu arranged in a hotel in the county, and in the evening lead director of the county government office Zhang, deputy director of the Bureau of Finance hosted Lee Shin et al, spent 2100 yuan. After that, Wang let Zhang receive Lee’s accommodation, catering and other expenses totaling 3500 yuan to the Finance Bureau to find Shen, in the name of official reception reimbursement. 2003 "Chinese Communist Party disciplinary regulations" provisions of article seventy-second: I will pay by the individual or family members should cost by subordinate units or other units, payment, reimbursement, less serious, given a warning or serious warning; if the circumstances are serious, to cancel the party posts or placed on probation; if the circumstances are serious expelled from the party. In January 18, 2010, the CPC Central Committee issued a number of guidelines for honesty and political conduct of leading cadres of the Communist Party of china. Clearly pointed out that the provisions prohibiting violation of public property management and use of the Jiagongjisi, huagongweisi, use of public funds for reimbursement or payment of expenses borne by individuals. In December 1, 2013 promulgated the "Regulations" the opposition party and government austerity waste the provisions of article twentieth, party and government organs shall establish official reception and approval control system, not to receive no letter of official activities, prohibited the non official activities into the reception area. The sixth article points out that the reception units should strictly control the scope of domestic official reception, and shall not use public funds to reimburse or pay the expenses borne by individuals. The reception of college students should be a private reception, and the expenses should be paid by myself. In this case, Wang paid the public expense to the Public Finance Bureau in the name of official reception, which violated the spirit of the eight provisions of the Central Committee, violated the clean and honest discipline, and constituted illegal possession mistake. The City Commission for Discipline Inspection of the Standing Committee meeting decided to give Wang, party a serious warning, giving the County Commission for Discipline Inspection, the county government office director Zhang, deputy director of the County Finance Bureau Shen admonishing conversation handle.

湖北一副县长请大学同学吃饭违规报销被严重警告   哪些红线不能踩?   案例四十六:“私客公待”违规报销 副县长被严重警告   A县政府党组成员、副县长王某,有一大学同学李某在某高校任学生处处长。2015年2月春节期间,李某回乡探亲,路过该县,就与王某联系。王某刚好孩子即将高考,也想请李某帮忙,就派一辆小汽车把李某接到该县,安排李某宿在该县某酒店,并在当晚带领县政府办公室主任张某、财政局副局长申某等人宴请李某,花费2100元。之后,王某让张某拿接待李某的住宿餐饮等费用共计3500元到财政局找申某以公务接待名义报销。   2003年《中国共产党纪律处分条例》第72条规定:将本人或者亲属应当由个人支付的费用,由下属单位或者其他单位支付、报销,情节较轻的,给予警告或者严重警告处分;情节较重的,给予撤销党内职务或者留党察看处分;情节严重的,给予开除党籍处分。   2010年1月18日,中共中央印发的《中国共产党党员领导干部廉洁从政若干准则》。明确指出,禁止违反公共财物管理和使用的规定,假公济私、化公为私,用公款报销或者支付应由个人负担的费用。   2013年12月1日颁布的《党政机关厉行节约反对浪费条例》第二十条规定,党政机关应当建立公务接待审批控制制度,对无公函的公务活动不予接待,严禁将非公务活动纳入接待范围。《党政机关国内公务接待管理规定》第六条指出,接待单位应当严格控制国内公务接待范围,不得用公款报销或者支付应由个人负担的费用。   接待大学同学,本应是私人之间的接待,花费也应当由本人支付。本案中,王某却把本应由个人支付的费用让财政局以公务接待的名义公款报销,其行为违反中央八项规定精神,违反廉洁纪律,构成非法占有错误。经市纪委常委会议研究决定,给予王某党内严重警告处分,由县纪委给予县政府办公室主任张某、县财政局副局长申某诫勉谈话处理。相关的主题文章:


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