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UnCategorized Music and summer are two phenomena that go well together. People love nice weather and they enjoy the performances brought by talented musicians. Even though all music genres are appreciated during outdoor concerts, there is something exceptional about the tunes played at the annual CT jazz festival. Anyone planning a day at a jazz and blues extravaganza should prepare the event with care. The better organized you are for your concert, the more fun you will have. If this is your first festival, consider the following tips to help with your preparations. 1. Check out several websites covering the CT jazz festival. Read about the participating bands, the performance schedule, attractions, activities, and anything else related to the event. 2. Make a list of all the performers you do not want to miss. Start an online search to learn more about the artists you are not familiar with. They may be just as good – maybe even better – than those musicians you currently listen to. Giving new.ers a chance is not a bad idea at all. 3. Ask around to see if any of your friends want to .e along. They may enjoy the party even if they do not listen much to jazz and blues. As they say: the more the merrier! 4. Order your tickets before they are sold out. Buying tickets online is convenient. It saves you a trip down to the box office. 5. Arrange for ac.modations if you are visiting from out of town. People .e from all over to country to the festival, so make sure you make hotel reservations in advance. 6. Make arrangements for transportation if you have no driver’s license, no vehicle, or are visiting from out of town. 7. Calculate your expenses. This is extremely important for music fans without credit or debit cards. Take enough cash with you to cover all your costs. Make sure the money is in a secure place so it cannot be stolen, or will not be lost. Keeping it simply in your pockets is wrong, because what will you do when it falls out? It can be a long walk home if you are there by yourself. 8. Select your wardrobe. Wear .fortable shoes and clothing. Outdoor concerts can be long and seating is often limited. Although sitting on a nice patch of lawn is always fun, grass stains can ruin a nice pair of light colored pants. Use .mon sense when planning your outing and you will have a blast! About the Author: 相关的主题文章:


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