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.puters-and-Technology Are you looking to get maximum performance from existing AS/400 system at bank? Are you just getting started with new Core Banking System using AS/400 i-series? Banks and Financial Institutions have large number of transactions and database. The availability, reliability and security are of utmost important. Millions of dollars are spent on these systems on yearly basis and especially the cost is much higher for new installations. Performance engineering services from independent experts will ensure that your systems are running at maximum performance. Despite the continuous demand to address tactical decisions in running a successful bank, executive management must have a plan to ensure the long-term success of the bank. Some of the services that are .monly used by Clients are: Capacity Planning Capacity planning will determine amount of cost for your infrastructure and system. How many CPU cores are needed? The size will change during life cycle of application. The capacity planning numbers may be provided by Hardware Vendor, in this case IBM or by Core Banking Application provider or by SI. Most of these numbers are based on some benchmarks or some high level calculations. There are more scientific approaches to determine Capacity Planning. Database Tuning As your system ages and changes it has amassed large volumes of data and code changes. The system has changed over time, is your Database tuned to give optimal performance? Tuning of DB2 or Oracle Database is often required to address this. Our experts have experience with database tuning. Application Performance Testing Core banking, Retail Banking, Payment or other financial application needs to be tested for performance. Will it handle the business volumes load testing When will it break breaking point stress testing Will it perform consistently during business hours endurance testing Ensure that end to end (E2E) transaction performs within specified time and entire system is tuned optimally. Benchmarking How does your system perform .pared to published benchmarks and other institutions? This will determine your operational efficiency. Performance Audit Banks and Financial Institutions may have their own IT and Performance experts. However technology and tools keep changing, getting AS400 performance testing audit done by experts will benefit. A bank that achieves high-performance levels will leverage its IT investments more effectively than its counterparts, regardless of whether its mission is to be a low-cost operator, innovator, or customer-centric institution. About the Author: 相关的主题文章:


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