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Marketing When it .es time to find a New Years Eve event, you have a lot of places you could go, but finding the right one is often difficult. I have been lured in by many great sounding event packages that only left me wishing for something different. It is kind of like the chintzy hotel that offers you luxury and privacy for your honeymoon, only to deliver a ratty room from the seventies .plete with shag carpeting and stained bedspreads. When it .es time to ring in the New Year, make sure you choose the right New Years Eve event. One New Years Eve event many people like to attend is the ball dropping in Time Square. Personally, I say no thanks’. You could not pay me to stand there freezing in the middle of night at the mercy of strangers. I’ve been in many crowds, and people aren’t always careful where they put their hands. For a woman, this is a problem. There are always a few freaks out there that know if the crowd is tight enough, they can get away with anything. I’m not real big on the pop star thing either. If this is something you want to do for a New Years Eve event, plan early and I wish you luck. You don’t have to travel to Times Square for a great New Years Eveevent , but you do have to choose very carefully. A lot of bars in my area offer bands, food, and drinks, but I have never been overly impressed with the selection. The bands are usually good, but cold Buffalo wings and a few limp pieces of cheese never did it for me. Perhaps I am too picky, but when it .es to choosing a New Years Eve event, I am more likely to hang out with friends at home where I can choose my own food and enjoy the .pany of those I love. If you don’t want to entertain, and you don’t want to miss your favorite local band, here are a few tips to make a New Years Eve event more fun. Don’t think you are going to find your favorite foods hot and ready. Eat a great meal out with someone special before you hit the bar. Get a group of friends together for your chosen New Years Eve event, and pick a designated driver. If no one wants to abstain, then make sure you remember to call a cab. The worst ending to a New Years Eve event is waking up on the floor of your local jail. About the Author: 相关的主题文章:


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