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UnCategorized Time is money. The more effectively you manage your time, the more money you will make and the more successfully you will increase sales. Although, this is easier said than done as a sales person’s job and day can be very chaotic. As a sales person, you have many responsibilities and they usually all need 100% of your attention. You need to find new business and clients. You need to take care of existing customers. And it is likely that there is a tremendous amount on administrative tasks that always need to be done as well. It is probably not un.mon for a sales person to feel like each of these areas could be a full-time job on its own. And yet, if any of these areas do not get enough attention, your success can be at risk. Effectively managing your time so that you get the most done and pay attention to all the needed areas is a key to success. Below are some ways to more effectively manage your time. Get organized: The more organized you are with the processes you use and the information you manage will help you to be more efficient. Being more efficient will help you to do more with the amount of time you have. Shaving a few minutes here and there can add up to be a significant amount of time. This is time that you can spend on selling which will help to increase sales. Prioritize: With there typically being an unlimited amount of selling that can be done, there is more work to do than time that a sales person has to do it within. Thus, it is critical to have some sort of prioritization for the identifying what needs to be done and when. Create focus: With the different areas of responsibilities of a sales person, it can help to create an element of focus when working on a particular area. For example, if a sales person is responsible for finding new customers and also taking care of existing customers, it can help to create focus when working in one of the areas as opposed to working on both at the same time. Focus can be created by allocating time specific for each area of responsibility. In the example, scheduling time specifically for finding new customers and then having separate time for working with existing clients can help make sure the necessary time, attention, and focus is being given to each area of responsibility. Qualify prospects: It is important to qualify prospects before you invest your time trying to sell to them. Your time is very valuable and you must spend it with the prospects that have the most likely chance of purchasing from you. If you can minimize time spent on prospects that are not serious about purchasing and spend that time on more qualified prospects, you will increase sales. Eliminate distractions: Distractions are all around us. From the people in the office, to the inter., to instant messages, to personal calls and text messages, we are continually bombarded by something that will stand between us and selling. Being able eliminate these distractions by either turning them off, shutting them down, or simply ignoring them, we will improve our sales effectiveness and we will be more likely to increase sales. About the Author: 相关的主题文章:


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