Have You Heard Of That Revenue-sharing Thing-naughty怎么读

Business Flixya 2.0 is a relaunch of a very popular social networking, online video sharing, blogging, and photo hosting and blogging .munity. This version is bigger and better. Flixya’s motto is simply "share everything", right down to the revenue which they give back 100% of to you. (You do need to sign up for your own account for the revenue sharing). Flixya billing itself as the only social-networking website that pays you back 100% of the advertising revenue generated on their site from the ads placed around the content that you add. You can create your own blogs, upload your photos, and create blogs about your life. How Much Does It Cost To Use Flixya? Nothing at all, it’s free. With Flixya, the users receive 100% of the ad revenue generated from the ad impressions that are shown on the pages with their content (photos, videos, blogs etc.). Google’s Adsense(tm) powers the ad program at Flixya and does require you to sign up- to be able to collect the ad revenue, during registration. You can also do this on the ad settings page which is visible when you are logged into the site. How Do I Get Paid? Simple, You are paid whenever someone visiting your pages clicks on one of Google’s Adsense(tm) advertisements. How Do I Share Videos? Flixya encourages you to share or upload your videos from other popular online video sharing sites. These include Daily Motion, Google Video, YouTube, Revver, as well as Livevideo, Bolt, and MetaCafe. I’m sure there will be more very soon. Flixya has just released a highly addictive addon for FireFox called "Flixya Video Publisher 2.0". You can also vote on videos you like or don’t like by voting up or down. Popular photos and videos will appear on the homepage. I Can Share Photos? Flixya also allows you to share your photos with your family or friends and even offers unlimited free image hosting for posting your photos on Ebay and Craigslist. Your Own Personal Profile You can create your personal profile, link to it, and share your interests, photos, and favorite blog posts. And I can Blog? Yep, you are allowed to create your own blog. A blog is short for "weblog" and it’s a type of personal chronological or online diary of your personal thoughts. Usually these are added to daily by you and they reflect your personality. They let you make your own blogs where you can add content and promote yourself or something else and you get to keep 100% of the money that .es from the ads surrounding your blogs. Social Bookmarking Flixya has things pretty well covered. Alot more than I have room to write about here. There is much more to do at Flixya than I can cover here. About the Author: 相关的主题文章:


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