Primary school teacher slapped mistakes wonderful class tablecad2012序列号和密钥

Primary school teacher: wrong deskmate slapped wonderful rules (original title: students in violation of discipline was at the same table slapped? Handan Cixian City, the teachers involved have been suspended) even on, users have constantly posted Handan Cixian primary school teachers to develop the "rules" requirements, wonderful table between each other, in which several people for violation of discipline in the classroom is my deskmate slapped. In the morning of October 26th, the Education Department of Cixian said that someone’s teacher had been ordered to suspend classes, and the related incidents were being investigated. According to the parents of some students, the incident school is Cixian Chongwen school, the controversial teacher is a music teacher. For some disobedient students, teachers in addition to mutual supervision of the table, each other corporal punishment, and sometimes personally get started "education."". "Today’s students are not good, we can understand, can let the child to hurt another child, is equal to promote violence, will give their young heart left great trauma."!" There are some children secretly back home to tell their parents, the teacher asked the desk only mouth or face, cannot touch the nose, who speak in class will be beaten. Is it really what the Internet says? On the morning of October 26th, a staff member of the school administration office in Cixian, Chongwen, explained by telephone that the teachers suspected of corporal punishment had been processed, and the specific circumstances had been reported to the competent authorities of education. Subsequently, the Education Bureau of Cixian qungong station one responsible person said, "the Chongwen school students was slapped in the face of" one thing, they are informed by the network. The school did report a statement, but the content is too general, the plot is not detailed enough, no clear account of how many students and classes affected. At present, the school related teachers in Chongwen have been suspended. The Education Bureau ordered the school to investigate the incident again, and after the specific circumstances were found out, the parties concerned should be dealt with accordingly. (Shijiazhuang News Network)



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