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Ni Yuefeng especially fierce army to carry out unannounced visits to check – Fujian Channel – original title: Ni Yuefeng in the city especially fierce in the city to carry out unannounced visits to check in yesterday morning, city leaders on issues of environmental management of Yingzhou River town. Reporter Huang Lixin did not say hello, line secrecy, went straight to the scene. 7 morning, the provincial Party committee, the provincial Commission for Discipline Inspection, party secretary Ni Yuefeng, deputy secretary of the Municipal Committee, acting mayor especially fierce army, deputy secretary of the municipal Party committee Lin Xiaoying and other city leaders to make unannounced visits to check the urban part of the inland river governance, engineering construction safety and construction progress of the subway. Taijiang district is the Chou river water treatment project. In the old medicine Chau Chou River, black smelly water, coastal garbage, sewage straight row, "zombie" illegal parking problems. Understand that Taijiang district is developing programs to promote the overall development of governance and the old old house in the area of medicine Delta area Yingzhou river system, Ni Yuefeng, should immediately do, do solid work, rely on themselves and found the problem to solve immediately, do garbage clean-up, health cleaning work quickly, accelerate the transformation of sewage interception project and the old house area, tackling the problem in urban water management. Fuzhou new public transport complex site, the door became furnishings, inspection team came here, the vehicle has not been blocked, entered the construction site. On the construction site, some workers did not wear helmets according to regulations, steel processing sites exposed and other security risks obvious. "Engineering construction, safety must be guaranteed."!" Ni Yuefeng repeatedly stressed that the quality is the important project, the relevant departments at all levels must strengthen quality awareness, safety awareness and integrity awareness, strict safety quality, the construction of key projects to withstand the test of history works. During the national day, the construction of the vine station on Metro Line 1 was pushed forward, but there were some problems, such as over blocking of the site, and not being removed according to the requirements. Ni Yuefeng asked for the necessary construction site, while the city subway company should dismantle the extra block in time. Ni Yuefeng pointed out that in recent years, all departments at all levels to strengthen coordination, subway construction is effective and speed up, the northern section of Metro Line 1 in advance to achieve the no-load test run. Hope to receive the task list of each unit make persistent efforts, further clarify the responsibility, control progress requirements, in ensuring safety, ensure the quality of the premise, can quickly and quickly, all efforts to promote the Metro Line 1 as soon as possible to achieve full line traffic test operation. Inspection, Ni Yuefeng for the city’s rapid action, widely launched, vigorously promote the hundred day assault, and work together to build a new Fuzhou affirmed. The relevant departments should further improve the supervision mechanism, improve supervision methods, transmit pressure at all levels, scientifically and efficiently promote key work and key tasks, and provide conditions for the construction of a new Fuzhou with "mechanism activity, industrial excellence, people’s wealth and ecological beauty". City leaders Wu Shensheng, Zhang Zhong, Xiu Xinggao, Yang Xinjian in check. (reporter Zhu Yusong) (commissioning editor Lin Dongxiao and Shi Yunjuan)

倪岳峰尤猛军在城区开展暗访检查–福建频道–人民网 原标题:倪岳峰尤猛军在城区开展暗访检查 昨天上午,市领导暗访察看瀛洲河岸环境管理问题。记者 黄立新 摄 不打招呼,线路保密,直奔现场。7日上午,省委常委、省纪委书记、市委书记倪岳峰,市委副书记、代市长尤猛军,市委副书记林晓英等市领导,对城区部分内河水系治理、工程施工安全以及地铁建设进度等进行暗访检查。 瀛洲河是台江区的水系治理项目。在瀛洲河老药洲段,河水黑臭、沿岸垃圾堆放、生活污水直排、“僵尸车”违章停放等问题突出。了解到台江区正在制订方案,统筹推进瀛洲河水系治理与老药洲片区旧屋区改造,倪岳峰要求,要马上就办、真抓实干,不等不靠,发现问题马上解决,迅速做好垃圾清理、卫生保洁等工作,加快推进截污工程和旧屋区改造,标本兼治搞好城区水系治理。 福新公交综合车场工地,大门成为摆设,检查组来到这里,车辆未被阻拦,就进到了施工工地。工地上,一些工人未按规定佩戴安全帽,钢筋加工场地裸露等安全隐患明显。“工程建设,安全一定要保证!”倪岳峰反复强调,质量是百年大计,各级各有关部门一定要强化质量意识、安全意识和廉政意识,严把安全质量关,把重点项目都建设成经得起历史检验的精品工程。 国庆期间,地铁1号线上藤站建设抓紧推进,但存在工地围挡过度、未按要求拆除等问题。倪岳峰要求,在留出必要施工场地的同时,市地铁公司要限期拆除多余围挡。倪岳峰指出,近段时间以来,各级各部门加强协同配合,地铁建设有力有效、进度加快,地铁1号线北段提前实现了空载试运行。希望领到任务清单的各个单位再接再厉,进一步明确职责,对照进度要求,在确保安全、确保质量的前提下,能快则快,全力以赴推动地铁1号线尽快实现全线通车试运营。 检查中,倪岳峰对全市上下迅速行动、广泛发动,强力推进百日攻坚行动,齐心协力建设新福州表示肯定。要求有关部门进一步完善督查机制、改进督查方法,层层传导压力,科学高效地推进重点工作、重点任务,为建设“机制活、产业优、百姓富、生态美”的新福州提供保障,创造条件。 市领导修兴高、吴深生、张忠、杨新坚参加检查。(记者 朱毓松) (责编:林东晓、施云娟)相关的主题文章:


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