Millennium ancient south of the ancient folk art to create the occasion of the inheritance problems 法拉利599gto

The Millennium ancient dwellings in Minnan create art heritage problem – Beijing Millennium ancient dwellings in Minnan create art heritage problem semi mechanization or become the future trend of Beijing, Quanzhou in November 2, (Liao Jing) the most prominent southern region of the "traditional objects" is a red brick Gu cuo. Today, this ancient edifice raging like a storm, but still retained most of CuO in the city, "decorate" in modern city. "But it’s getting less and less." In November 2nd, Fujian Minnan ancient residential construction techniques of municipal heritage that leaves Ben Ying told Beijing reporters, the ancient houses to create art flourished nowadays with the restoration of ancient buildings, ancient architecture, social demand is more and more big. The Minnan folk house building technique is a kind of unique traditional Chinese architectural art which originated in Quanzhou. It began in the Tang Dynasty and the five dynasties. Leaves Ben Ying is 46 years old this year, Taiwanese ancient houses "big wood master", has been engaged in residential construction, repair, repair the work for more than 20 years. Now the ancient small not only Quanzhou Xiang Gong Xiang small temple building, Quanzhou Shaolin Temple, Xiamen Putuo South Hall in Fujian have left his "traces", even Japan, South Korea, Australia and Hongkong, Macao and other countries and regions of the Chinese architecture have led by his "main building". "When you see these local tourists, and a lot of people feeling the ancient art of these well preserved, I am very proud of." As the repair of ancient architecture, leaves Ben Ying kept the ancient art for joy in life. He is currently one of the more active teachers in Quanzhou. However, speaking from leaf Ben Ying from Anhui as the outsiders have mixed feelings, mastering local skills, is not easy. Ben Ying leaves came into contact with this art at the age of 19. "In the beginning several years are no wages, even the apprentices are not." The old building is not drawing on oral teaching that inspires true understanding within the master. "Be very diligent, willing to let the teacher tell you." Ye said that he was willing to endure hardship, after several years of careful study, they learned the skills. Later, he started out from the master, then live, take charge as chief of. Over the next six or seven years, he was under the tutelage of Wang Weiyao teacher. Leaves Ben Ying said, in front of a few years his kung fu component already, but how is the heat, and master Wang Weiyao in this respect gave him a lot of inspiration and guidance. At the age of 28, Ben Ying leaves as a "grand master", began to apprentice. Over the past decade, he has trained more than and 30 apprentices, some of whom have become "masters". "Have to apprentice money, apprentice is willing to learn." Leaves Ben Ying laments, in earlier years he brought to the apprentice apprentice, does not need money, there are a lot of people are willing to learn; but in recent years the situation has completely changed, now the economic condition is better, the young higher diploma, even if not how to read into the factory, but also do not want to learn the craft. Most of the art of "too slow, slow to money". "Now my disciples are college students, generally have the basis of landscape design." Ye said, but not many people. But he wanted to apprentice, but from the side of the relatives and friends ", make friends and relatives)相关的主题文章:


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