One yuan purchase hundreds of thousands of yuan to buy a shady Bo Yuan left a result (video) 1926年属相�

"One yuan purchase": hundreds of thousands of yuan to buy a shady one yuan is not only the value of 6388 yuan mobile phone, you can grab 1 yuan, 100 thousand yuan Mobile Recharge Card, $1 for a chance to shoot"…… Behind the slogan of one yuan purchase platform, springing up. A large number of Internet users are attracted to this shopping mode of low investment, high return, staged a lottery carnival. Hefei is a citizen, the last six months at least a month to spend 1000 yuan to participate in this "is more like gambling shopping, but lose everything. Many people do not know, seemingly fair and transparent "one yuan purchase lottery, the background can actually arbitrary manipulation of winning numbers, a lot of" tour "with you fight, is actually a" zombie "member, and awards last tend to produce in them. When experience: in one yuan purchase lose a chance, a Educational Consultants India Ltd in Hefei to work small Cai, contact a "one yuan purchase" platform, "one of my colleagues spent 100 yuan of money, in the platform of a iPhone6s mobile phone chips, the result is really in the hands of the machine." Xiao Cai met the colleagues this thing spread in the company. With luck, Xiao Cai in "one yuan purchase platform widely bet, from mobile phone, camera, car luggage rack to house appliances and furniture, all bets to grab one, the poor hand, never won anything. "From the beginning of April, I spend at least 1000 yuan a month on the above, in July half of the wages are invested in, hoping to win. The biggest one is a 7000 yuan TV, I bet 1000 yuan, basically the chance of winning is 17, the results still did not grab." Xiao Cai would particularly like to get this curved TV, if you do not indulge in these ‘one yuan purchase’, I lost enough money to buy a tv." Xiao Cai said he is now very regret. A few days ago, Xiao Cai joined a "one yuan to buy the victim rights group, found himself in it is" not on the row number "," other people voted more than I do, some cast hundreds of thousands of yuan." Premium: five thousand yuan to six thousand yuan to sell the network reporter search found this mall innumerable one yuan purchase mode. Reporters found that these various kinds of goods on the mall shelves complex, ranging from large phone recharge cards to snacks, from iPhone mobile phones to laundry, etc.. It is worth mentioning that commodity prices significantly higher than the market price of the ordinary electric shelves, such as a 64G iPhone6s mobile phone, in a shopping mall, one yuan purchase price is 5099 yuan, that is 5099 people to participate in the full lottery. Jingdong on the same paragraph with the specifications of the phone only 4788 yuan. Recently the world’s popular iPhone7 mobile phone, but also all the shelves in the "one shopping mall, a" one shopping mall labeled iPhone7 plus (128G) mobile phone, the price is 8188 yuan, while the Jingdong on the same paragraph with the specifications of the mobile phone, only 7188 yuan. It is worth mentioning that some "one yuan purchase website a $5000 mobile recharge cards, priced at 6000 yuan, up stately premium and premium?相关的主题文章:


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