Hot wire! Zhuhai will be able to make a phone call for a driver’s license

Hot wire! Zhuhai phone will be able to change the driver’s license recently, Chen driving license is about to expire, because working day to work, not to the car for the driver’s license expires replacement business. You might say, go online or use WeChat! But precisely, Ms. Chen is a 60, usually very little access to the Internet, but also how to use WeChat. The Internet card for young people is easy, but Ms. Chen is stumped! What shall I do? The afternoon of September 20th, Ms. Chen made a phone call, a day after I received a new driving license! How did she do it? We are not very curious! This is for you! It turned out that she made a phone call, apply for a driver’s license expired replacement business! Zhuhai vehicle administration in order to solve the masses not the Internet, do not use WeChat for the expiration of the replacement by Zhuhai police vehicle administration launched in September 19th a driver’s license expires replacement phone for business. Trial run 5 days, the effect is very good oh! Driver has successfully handled the 68 driver’s license expired replacement business. We generally reflect: a phone call can be changed, more convenient than the internet! Are you sure you want to know the convenience of the service, is it possible for everyone to enjoy it? No, to meet the three conditions can handle oh. Zhuhai driver’s license. Within 90 days before the expiry date of the driver’s license. The driver’s license has no record of 12 points, overdue inspection, seized or detained temporarily, etc.. Which day is valid? Just look at the picture! Call for driver’s license renewal process in the period before the call, the old driver’s license certificate, ID card, photo receipt receipt, examination data ready. A driver’s license expires replacement service hotline: 0756-8993122 the identity card number, file number to inform the operator to check the name, mobile phone number and other information the photo image number, email address to inform the operator the operator will input the data into the online vehicle management background, pre registration, vehicle audit information is correct, making driving C, a working day after delivery to the door. Special remind, for 1 before the network medical examination, medical examination to remember to take the medical receipt; 2, for before the photo ID card point network camera, remember to take photo receipt; 3, the driver must I call, I will sign the express, express little brother in the on-site audit ID card for the old driver’s license certificate and identity card, remember to be prepared in advance; 4, the cost of on-site collection, courier fees 20 yuan, driver’s license fee of 10 yuan, a total of 30 yuan. In addition to the 3 convenient and quick way to change the phone in addition to the phone, there are several ways to apply for a driver’s license expired replacement for your choice. 1, "Zhuhai police" WeChat public number for the process of the applicant to open "Zhuhai traffic police" to the public, "online service", "online check", "driver’s license renewal online handle to read the terms of service, agreement," I know, "I accept", apply for a driver’s license expires replacement business. 2, online vehicle administration applicant login online vehicle ("online service", "driver’s license renewal online handle to read the terms of service, agreement, point)相关的主题文章:


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