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"Tallo" will reflect the Tibetan old bachelors love "to" director Van Mar Caidan Sina entertainment news of the fifth Tibetan film "Tallo" will be in December 9th in the "limited release", the day by day painting (Beijing) Film Company Limited, Beijing Ocean time Culture Communication Co., a Beijing star Wo film Development Co. the company produced, Beijing Taihe Limited by Share Ltd, Iqiyi Pictures Entertainment and cultural development (Beijing) Co., Ltd. jointly produced, in last year’s Venice International Film Festival finalist "Horizon" unit, and gains 12 awards at home and abroad including the Golden Horse Award for best film, best adapted screenplay for the sixteenth Tokyo FILMeX Film Festival Award, the twelfth session of the China independent image show the best film award, etc.. "Tibet Zhao Benshan" challenge "the old ruffian shepherd play cut seventeen years" pigtail "Tallo" as the Tibetan language filmed completely in black and white films, the film follows Van Mar Caidan distinctive personal style, in the long lasting fixed length lens frame with the infinite Tallo identity anxiety. The story of single sheep years Tallo to the county for the first card, since birth, in the barber shop met bold Tibetan girl Yang Cuo, think all income met love will sell a sheep to Tallo Yang Cuo, Lhasa began to unexpectedly dream of a new life. But with the money from Yang the reality of the crushing blow. As Tallo West fuck although not for the mainland audience familiar, is entitled "Tibet Zhao Benshan" said the Tibet famous comedy actor, the director said, in the choice of actors, the West fuck image in their mind automatically and Tallo produced a highly united, although Sidney Mar used in a comic image of the show, but it is this contrasts with the audience experience, so that the image of Tallo more plump and credible. Sidney Mar for the story, in the film cut off storage 17 years pigtail, it became big news in Tibetan areas as Yang Cuo create a great sensation; Tibetan singer, actor Yang Xiucuo also need to cut the film with a long hair, and specifically in the local selection of a dozen Tibetan "practice", learn a skilled hand shaved technology. The spiritual dilemma of contemporary Tibetan identity: start a real wandering movie, with no tonal intonation Tallo recite excerpts about the meaning of life with "Chairman Mao", adding two more than 12 minutes of fixed length lens to account for its Tallo growing environment and life creed. Van Mar Caidan said, in a lot of people like this, they recite quotations do not know the meaning of each sentence, at that time, quotation is not high for the level of Chinese Tibetan itself is equivalent to Scripture, is the highest moral creed, as the tone of the movie as a black and white and pure paranoia. Two kinds of Tibetan culture conflict is always the sustained attention of the Van Mar Caidan movie theme. His first short film "quiet" Mani stone known as the first pure Tibetan film, in its later, several Tibetan director works are to Tibetan unique self perspective won recognition and praise at home and abroad. Van Mar Caidan also said that he was concerned about the edge of the Tibetan identity, because of self相关的主题文章:


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