The Mount Huangshan dialogue on heritage and sustainable development of the UNESCO list, published b foxpro6.0免费下载

UNESCO list of heritage and sustainable development in Mount Huangshan: "Mount Huangshan initiative" dialogue – Beijing, the original title: the second UNESCO list of heritage and the sustainable development of Mount Huangshan "Mount Huangshan initiative" dialogue will be published in the new Mount Huangshan on 14 September, (a) second session of UNESCO (UNESCO) list of heritage and sustainable development Mount Huangshan dialogue will be 14 in Anhui Province, Huangshan City closing. The general assembly as an important outcome of the Mount Huangshan initiative. "Mount Huangshan initiative" pointed out that the application of the technology of air to ground sensing is highly developed, which can support the research, management and planning of the protection and sustainable development of the world natural and cultural heritage. At the same time, these technologies will be in the list of heritage sites to effectively mitigate and adapt to climate change strategy. The "Mount Huangshan initiative" called UNESCO, the Chinese Academy of Sciences earth remote sensing (RADI), the State Planning Commission, UNESCO UNESCO Chinese related national committee, responsible for the coordination of the World Heritage Convention, man and biosphere program, International Earth Science and geological park plan (IGGP) work; change calls for the list of heritage fellows classified and publicity list of heritage due to climate change caused by ecosystems, habitats and species distribution pattern, and advocated the establishment of the model to better guide the heritage and the surrounding land and sea landscape in response to climate change; to encourage countries to cooperate to build a list of heritage database, realize the information sharing of the digital world, RADI’s "Silk Road" (DBAR) the possibility to link international scientific projects and "The Belt and Road along the heritage list. In addition, the parties concerned and called for in the UNESCO range, the use of space technology application experience in the natural and cultural heritage and the combination of management and monitoring, especially in the UNESCO has a number of heritage list title list of heritage sites, and coordinate the relationship between the application of remote sensing and education, scientific research, management and protection activities. During the general assembly, UNESCO and relevant agencies and experts on behalf of the representatives of primary and secondary school students in Huangshan City was awarded calligraphy and painting works. The 3 day UNESCO list of heritage and sustainable development of Mount Huangshan dialogue with "UNESCO heritage list? Climate change? Space" as the theme, sponsored by the International Institute of space technology center, natural and cultural heritage Chinese Science Institute of remote sensing and digital earth, Mount Huangshan Scenic Area Management Committee contractors. About 150 more than the space technology experts from nearly 30 countries around the world, the world heritage, World Biosphere Reserve, UNESCO World Geological Park policy coordination and management experts and practitioners, city and land resources management institutions, attended the meeting. (end)相关的主题文章:


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