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"Justice League" concept map exposure Superman style changed early, the media exposed by Henry · Carville played Clark Kent in Superman · long hair in the new "DC" in the Justice League, dressed in a black suit appeared in front of the audience. However, recently, super Carville on the Ins drying out a photo, the photo of the background is the Justice League, several heroes of the new concept map. In the picture, the shape of the super large does not change. From this group of pictures, we can see that the shape of the actor is more or less made some changes, but the most striking is the shape of superman. In the "Batman wars Superman: Dawn of justice", in Superman krypton and monster fighting monsters, suspected of being killed. But at the end of the movie, Superman was buried where the earth began to loosen, which also foreshadowed the return of superman. Previously, the director Zach · Schneider has confirmed that Carville will be in next year’s "Justice League" in return as Superman, and he also hinted that Superman will with long hair style appearance. There are rumors that Superman will return to black. In this group of concept map Carville exposed, Superman style has not changed much. But several other heroes or other very aspect, Neptune, Batman, flash, Saiberg concept map and before the exposure of a few "Justice League" propaganda figure are different. Justice League will be released in North America in November 17, 2017. Click to download Tencent anime APP, see more popular anime相关的主题文章:


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