The thief stole the door and stole the watchdog 乃々果花

The thief burglary not Alice door lock stolen watchdog original title: burglary attempt to steal the watchdog Beijing Morning News Hotline news (reporter Tian Jiexiong) Ms. Wang, who lives in Tongzhou Zhangjiawan said, more than 11 points yesterday, the two thieves driving a van to her hospital fall for theft. Although the hospital door was picked, but raised in a courtyard of the dog breeds were stolen, found no other property loss. According to surveillance video shows that the two thieves about 5 minutes when the crime, Ms. Wang has been reported to the police. According to Ms. Wang said, 12 noon yesterday, she came to the door and found wrong, "lock the door lock directly smashed". When Ms. Wang came to the courtyard, saw the door of the house on the lock has been pry marks. "The thief should not open, so I didn’t find any property loss, but had more than three years of dog breeds disappeared, I usually go home it will come to meet me." According to Ms. Wang to provide surveillance video screenshot shows, the reporter saw more than 11 points yesterday, a license for "Beijing N7HR98" silver van parked in the courtyard at the door of Ms. Wang, two wearing dark clothes, body thin young man appeared in the picture, two per capita wearing masks, a man wearing a red the peaked cap. At 11:13, two people will be a vehicle carried into the dog breeds. "My dog, although still active, but apparently no spirit, may be under the drug or anesthesia." Ms. Wang said that they started driving at the door about 5 minutes, probably no one to determine the home after committing the crime, the crime process will be about 5 minutes. Currently, Ms. Wang has reported to the police. The police also reminded the public that the New Year approaching, burglary prone, the public should be more prevention. Editor: Joe’s SN098相关的主题文章:


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