Nanjing golden alumni Bao Zhenan won the World Outstanding Female Scientist Award 魔界骑士イングリッド

Nanjing golden alumni Bao Zhenan won the Nanjing City World Outstanding Female Scientist Award of Jinling middle school yesterday came the good news, the 87 session of the school alumni Bao Zhenan (2017) won the nineteenth session of the UNESCO world outstanding female scientist award. At the beginning of this year was elected to the American Academy of engineering, the reporter learned that this year, chairman of the jury of the Christian Amatore is a professor of French Academy of Sciences, each winning female scientists will be held in Paris in March 23, 2017 House ceremony to receive 100 thousand euros in prize money, in recognition of outstanding contributions to science they made. Prior to this, Bao Zhenan was published in the December 17, 2015 issue of "nature" magazine’s annual top ten people, 10 people in the magazine’s 2015 had a significant influence on the world of science. Bao Zhenan is now a professor of chemical engineering, Stanford University, College of materials, tenured professor, one of the most famous American female chemist, selected the world’s top 100 material scientist Hall of fame. At the beginning of this year, Bao Zhenan was elected a fellow of the American Academy of engineering. Six annuity life let her go to science road Bao Bao was born in Nanjing in November 1970, when she was very young to show curiosity about nature. 1981 – 1987, Bao Zhenan enrolled in Nanjing (now ten Jinling middle school for six years), gold in learning life to cultivate her diligent brains, practice good habits, which for her development in science on the road to lay a good foundation. In 1987, Bao Zhenan was admitted to Nanjing University, entered the Department of chemistry learning. After moving to the United States to study, study and continue to carry out scientific research. Department of chemical engineering, Stanford University. The main research fields include energy, organic and polymer semiconductor materials, sensing materials and molecular electronic devices, Nano Electronics, etc.. September 2010, "International Journal of academic famous natural materials" on the release of the latest achievements of Bao Zhenan and the research team — an artificial skin can sense small pressure, which makes the researchers in the same field and ordinary people feel find everything fresh and new. Bao Zhenan and the team spent a total of nearly three years of experimental time, finally using a method called two polydimethylsiloxane (PDMS) of the elastic material is developed with superior sensitivity of artificial skin, the actual test shows that this material can be clearly aware of a fly or a butterfly on the surface caused by the "touch", and make fast induction. Known as "the most beautiful woman in the world" the so-called artificial skin, is composed of an electronic sensor is very sensitive, when the sensors together into one, forming a "skin". In October 2015, the Bao Zhenan team published a paper in the journal Science, which describes the mechanism of the artificial skin. The skin is sensitive to the perception that butterflies and flies fall on the surface and respond. Bao Zhenan said, the future may be used for artificial skin skin, it is wrapped in the desired part, can let burn patients regain touch. Bao Zhenan said his research inspiration often comes from nature, "if we know how to design materials with the same complexity, then we can solve the problem in the real world." Study of human Ying相关的主题文章:


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