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Hefei, a dangerous roof collapsed last night   30 residents of emergency transfer – Anhui Channel – people.com.cn people.com.cn October 23 Hefei Xinhua (Han Chang Chen Xi) the evening of October 22nd, the city of Hefei, an old beer factory dormitory building 9 roof collapsed. It is understood that the building of the flood season this year has been identified as dangerous, due to property and demolition policy, residents have not moved out. At present, Yaohai District Housing construction, quality supervision departments are dangerous reinforcement, the accident caused no casualties. 23, 9 am, the incident area gathered around a lot of people wearing pajamas, experienced last night’s move, all the tenants of the house to withdraw, take refuge in relatives or moved to the hotel to live. Due to the old building may occur at any time after the accident, the district police station and the community committee staff to prevent residents from entering, but there are still a lot of people risking their home to take things. Beer factory dormitory was built in the 50s of last century, the collapse site is located in the roof of the corridor light, from east to West about thirty or forty meters. The old building made of brick built door bristling warning sign reads: "the roof had collapsed, very dangerous. Please evacuate the residents immediately, take refuge in relatives or friends moved to live in the hotel, to avoid the occurrence of the risk of uncertainty in the residence." "The whole house was shaking, thinking it was going to be an earthquake." Ms. Lee lived in the old house for more than and 10 years, had bought a new house in Hefei, taking into account the daughter of the nearest school, the family has not moved. 8 o’clock that night, Ms. Lee is tutoring her daughter to do homework, is preparing to close the window when suddenly felt in the body vibration. "It took more than and 10 seconds to finish. When we ran out, the neighbors came out." Other residents said, shortly after the roof collapse, and the area of the street Juwei staff rushed to the scene, overnight rain evacuated more than and 30 residents in the old building. Community committee staff, the old beer factory building 9 was built in 1956, the last century in 60s, and a layer of. In 2012, Hefei carried out sporadic rebuilding of the old city, the community staff repeatedly to solicit the views of the residents of the building, due to private property rights and other factors, the vast majority of people do not agree with the relocation of the building. In July this year, because of the old building area of serious water seepage, housing and quality inspection departments to detect, identification of this building is dangerous, then the staff repeatedly come to do the work, but the demolition must obtain the consent of the consent can be 95% of the residents, the demolition work has been stiff. This morning, Yaohai District Housing construction and quality inspection department staff rushed to the scene of the old building to do dangerous detection, next door is being discussed in determining reinforcement measures. (commissioning editor Guo Yu and Ma Lingling)相关的主题文章:


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