but remembers thinking “this cannot be good.” After seeing video of his severely mangled cruiser 翻车致19人遇难 冯小刚赞吴亦凡

Legal Atlanta, GA – A Clayton County police sergeant returned home today after being involved in a serious car accident. Clinton Nicholas was apparently driving behind road crews in his police cruiser when he was unexpectedly struck by a delivery truck. Emergency crews airlifted Nicholas to the hospital for treatment following the accident; he suffered several broken ribs and it is expected to take at least a couple of months for a full recovery. Nicholas is a member of the SWAT team in Clayton County, Georgia. His wife, Tanya Nicholas worries about the dangers of Clinton being on the SWAT team, yet in this strange twist he was seriously injured after being called to a routine traffic call. Clinton has little memory of the accident until he was in the helicopter, but remembers thinking "this cannot be good." After seeing video of his severely mangled cruiser, Clinton feels his injuries could well have been fatal. While the accident is still under investigation, the driver of the delivery truck, Nicholas Veasely, is currently in jail after being charged with multiple traffic violations. Court records show Mr. Veasely is being held without bond for causing serious personal injuries with a vehicle, however investigators have not determined whether distracted driving was of the cause of the automobile crash. Georgia police will conduct further investigation to determine the exact cause of the crash which put Mr. Nicholas in the hospital. Sgt. Nicholas is grateful to be alive, and is holding no grudges toward the delivery truck driver, who suffered only minor personal injuries in the crash. The snowy and icy winter weather has been responsible for a number of Atlanta personal injuries. While defensive and vigilant driving is always recommended, some accidents cannot be avoided, and personal injuries can be extensive. About this article – Our staff reviews Atlanta blogs on personal injuries, local news and other resources to select the most pertinent personal injury and accident information in the Atlanta area. An Atlanta personal injury attorney can provide a free personal injury case review in order to determine if a particular case qualifies for personal injury compensation. Due to laws and regulations variability from state to state, it is important to hire an experienced Atlanta personal injury attorney. Free Case Evaluation About the Author: 相关的主题文章:


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