otherwise referred to as reusing phones 周慧敏晒健身照 火箭正式签下周琦

Mobile-Cell-Phone Cell phone recycling, otherwise referred to as reusing phones, is a noble and simple way to conserve the environment with minimum damage caused to it. According to a research done by Environmental Protection Agency, production of 150 million cell phones will consume energy that can be used to supply power to 285,000 homes for a year, and additionally emit more than 258 million kilograms of carbon emissions as wastage. Again the U.S Geological Survey has confirmed to the fact that apart from being harmful to the environment, approximately $94 million worth of precious metals are contained in 150 million phones as a whole total. Cellular phone recycling is gaining momentum/popularity these days which most of us can practice to ensure protection to our environment & cause it minimal damage. It is definitely going to bring difference to our mother earth in some way or other. The following given list may be considered as the reasons for recycling old mobile phones. The list is prepared after a serious thought on the issue of environment safety & protection. 1. Your cellular phone in use these days may be in good working condition. May be you just wanting to dispose of for a stylish one or one with more facilities. So these large no of recycled phones which are mostly found to be in good working condition can be shifted to third world countries for use. 2. The recycling of cell phones helps save the environment from getting polluted further. It minimizes the landfill coming directly from its users. Even the batteries of cell phones can poison the environment including the agricultural grounds & underground source of water supply which will require millions to treat its victims. It also affects mining in places which houses delicate ecological systems or endangered species of wildlife. Thus all the metals, plastics, glass and materials of the phone can be collected and recycled into new products. So by recycling your mobile you are essentially reducing its carbon footprint which means minimal damage to the Environment. 3. The mobile phone recycling is supporting the financial condition of poorly developed counties. Those who are genuinely concerned about the deteriorating environmental condition can spread awareness among other uses & encourage them to do the same. In turn this will create a heavy impact effect which will bear fruit some day. 4. It shows a cause of charity through which great amount of money can be raises which can be used for other noble purposes. 5. The mobile phones which lie useless in the drawer can be put to better use which will help you get some cash back in return. About the Author: 相关的主题文章:


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