and divider panels. Snap-on 上海地铁突冒浓烟 身份证将迎大变革

Web-Hosting A task faced by owners of growing businesses is providing office space to accommodate increased staffing and furnishing the space with rugged, attractive, technology-packed, ergonomically and environmentally correct workspaces. While there is no lack of vendors, evaluating options and balancing price against desired criteria could become daunting. "The task can be eased by doing some homework and becoming familiar with what to look for in systems furniture," says Mark Bassil, vice president and co-founder of MAiSPACE, a modular office furniture systems manufacturer based in Mt. Olive, NJ. "Armed with a features checklist, buyers then seek suppliers that offer not only the desired product but ongoing support ranging from office floor plan designs through furniture installation and performance guarantees. "Modular office furniture systems are by far the most popular choice for new or remodeled workplaces," Bassil says, "simply because they can be quickly installed and offer the flexibility needed to support ongoing moves, adds and changes (MACs) in floor plans. Yet this advantage can be lost if system elements are not strong enough to withstand ongoing changes. This means buyers should look at construction quality first." Construction From a construction standpoint, MAiSPACE starts with knockdown and ready to assemble (RTA) framing components fabricated from 16-gauge cold-rolled steel to provide strength and rigidity during installation and later MACs. Self-leveling connectors simplify moving elements into and throughout the building, reduce assembly cost and the number of framing components required. "This framing supports a stackable/destackable panel system that enables the construction of workspace walls up to 14 feet high," Bassil says. "Individual workplace walls can be modified without disturbing neighboring spaces. The MAiSPACE off-modular design allows flexibility in workspace size, configuration and in locating bins, shelves, and divider panels. Snap-on, snap-off panel segments are constructed of 24-gauge steel for exceptional durability and effective sound dampening." This attention to quality construction enables MAiSPACE to provide a lifetime guarantee and warranty against obsolescence. Aesthetics "Companies that provide aesthetically pleasing workspaces are more likely to attract and hold qualified personnel," Bassil says. "Colors, textures, workspace footprint variations and personalization can yield outstanding results in terms of increasing employee morale and productivity." With MAiSPACE mixing and matching is not constrained by minimum orders in a certain color, texture, pattern or finish. This means that the choices companies can offer employees depends only on that company’s policy. Interchangeable panel tiles are available in more than 18 options to create harmony, contrast, to identify specific functional areas and to otherwise provide exciting interiors pleasing to employees and visitors alike. Technology "MAiSPACE modular offices are specifically designed to accommodate the company’s standards-compliant plug-and-play cable management system by providing unobstructed cable pathways end to end and top to bottom," says Bassil. "Cable runs are laid in behind lift-off panel segments. This differs from and is superior to competitive designs requiring that cables be bundled and fished through structural elements. When MACs occur workstation segments are unplugged, moved and reconnected without disrupting the entire local area network (LAN). This can be accomplished by on-site IT personnel," he says. Ergonomics Ergonomics is an important workstation consideration. MAiSPACE addresses this in several ways based on its off-modular design. "Our components are flexible and adjustable to meet individual preferences," says Bassil. "The user creates a comfortable environment by determining the optimal placement of panel-hung components, which are adjustable at 1 inch increments. Curvilinear work surfaces with cascade edges can be positioned for right or left hand use. Other features include height adjustable keyboard trays and tool rail tiles. Tackable acoustic tiles, white boards and other components with off-modular capabilities allow workers to be productive while expressing their individual identities." MAiSPACE solves seating issues with MAiCHAIR, the most affordable, fully functional ergonomic seating line on the market today. Its flexible backrest conforms to the spine and provides critical support in the lumbar region. The contoured seat cushion and waterfall edge improves blood flow, and the syncro-tilt mechanism helps maintain the correct posture through a full range of motion. Green Offices Since it was established in 1993 MAiSPACE has incorporated green office guidelines and eco-friendly materials and processes used to manufacture its line of modular office furniture systems. The company is authorized to display the GREENGUARD Indoor Air Quality Certified mark on its modular office furniture system products, indicating that they meet GREENGUARD Emission Standards for indoor air quality. "In addition, we follow a ‘cradle to cradle’ process that focuses on manufacturing products out of parts that can be recycled several times and produced using the least environmentally harmful methods," Bassil states. "Parts can be dismantled and incorporated repeatedly into new versions of the same product while scrap can be returned to manufacturers to make new products." Doing it Right without a Cost Penalty The MAiSPACE approach to designing and manufacturing modular office furniture systems is not based on outmoded techniques, meaning its price points average 40% below some of the best known names in the industry. "Our rugged, attractive, technology packed, ergonomic and environmentally friendly solutions are available and ready to move in starting at $12 to $15 per square foot," Bassil says. "Pricing is not dependent upon the size of the installation or number of units ordered." About the Author: 相关的主题文章:


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