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Mobile-first Principle Is The Go For Today’s Magento Website Posted By: michelkein ‘Magento’ is the thriving mantra for an e-commerce website since its inception. It has facilitated e-commerce to reach its destination with its characteristic features. There are enormous businesses that profited through deploying e-commerce websites developed with Magento platform. Yet, the online venture for the one who has developed his website through magento does not end there. For technology is never ending aspect. It grew as time lapsed on, and is growing further and thus so in future. One has to be futuristic in business perspective also. That is possible and predictable custom solutions like Magento responsive web design, irrespective of small or large website is the need today to face tomorrow. Mobile technology has a upper hand these days. And mobile devices are never made with a single architecture. Smart phones work on various platforms such as android, i OS, blackberry, and so on with different screen sizes and resolutions. People have enormous choices and chose the choicest ones as per their comfort. But one thing in common is that, all would prefer to shop using their cherished mobiles. This indirectly implies that the websites they browse ought to be compatible for their surfing.Magento responsive theme Magento responsive web design Mag Magento responsive theme Responsive Web Design Is The Necessity And Trend Of The Modern Era Posted By: michelkein As per the predictions of the techno-gurus, expectation of techno-freaks and dream of the youngsters, the year ‘2015’ paved the way for m-commerce (mobile commerce, that is trading through mobile) successfully and remains so in future also. Moreover, Google introduced its new algorithm ‘mobilegeddon’ favouring the mobile-friendly websites for search ranks. Substantially, Magento store owners are behind Magento responsive web design services to make their online store reach the various platforms (smartphones on android or i OS or whatever platform with various screen sizes and resolutions), i Pads, or tablets and wrap the dispersed customers to their online stores. And the yet to create new website owners already has the design plan in their project. Obviously, an online store owner cannot imagine or tolerate his customer leaving their website without shopping for trivial reasons such as screen compatibility, font size, page layout, broken pages, time lapse, and so on. And, it forms the major concern of return of investment(ROI). Magento responsive design offers an uninterrupted browsing of their website for any customer from any corner of the world through any of the electronic gadgets with appreciable user experience contributing to the success of the venture.Magento developers Magento store developer Magent India Magento developers 相关的主题文章:


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