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The Tag: to give search engines enough information on how the web page is structured. It allows you to add different headings for different sections and each section can have a separate HTML heading. Tag: Content plays a vital role for your website. With the new element in HTML 5 you can now specify to search engines which part of your web content is really important. Tag: With auxiliary information in the footer like policy, copyright, and terms of use etc, you can now specify that this is the footer and search engines will probably lower the weightage of the content placed in the footer. Tag: The navigation architecture of your website can be easily understood by search engines. This directly implies that HTML 5 has a strong backing for SEO needs. Well, great many new tags are seen in HTML 5. These are just five most important ones as regards to Search Engine Optimization (SEO). You can add these tags and derive the benefits of better implementation of SEO for your websites on page factors. With on page factors, search engines most obviously read your HTML code. Its up to us to point the search engines in the right direction and to help them understand our page better. With HTML 5 this seems to be easier. New tags have made things easier and has made on page SEO better. In addition to this, there are many more tags that HTML 5 has to offer even for audio and video. Google can show YouTube videos in search results, images in search results. This was possible for quite some time now. With the new HTML 5 tags, you can now optimize your page for audio and video sections too. So, for those wondering the impact of HTML 5 on SEO, or those wondering about the potential of HTML 5 with regards to SEO good news! SEO implementers can exactly tell search engines what to read, what to ignore and where exactly the most important data of your web page is. Search engines will be glad too! They can effectively crawl your webpage and understand the content too. HTML 5 could be the next major mark up standard. Lets all familiarize ourselves with the new tags and utilize them to our advantage and gain the best results for all our SEO efforts. About the Author: 相关的主题文章:


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