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50 polluting enterprises in Henan Province: the university has interviewed famous newspaper Enterprises – Sohu news today morning, vice governor of Henan Province, air battle, deputy head of the leading group office director Xu Ganlu chaired the provincial battle air pollution control leading group office interview meeting, focus on the 50 industrial pollution prevention and control, the slow progress of waste superovulation, serious environmental safety risks of the enterprises and units were interviewed. At the meeting, the provincial environmental protection department director, deputy director of the provincial Office of tackling Li Heping informed of the 50 enterprises to implement the rectification of atmospheric pollution problems. Xu mannan pointed out that some enterprises a serious illegal sewage is tantamount to poison and kills, must immediately stop! [exposure] 50 companies were interviewed, 50 companies fined a total 9 million 930 thousand yuan minister Li Heping informed, 22 No EIA unauthorized construction, 15 illegal sewage emissions exceed the standard repeated, 13 key governance projects slow progress. There are many well-known enterprises and units. 22 enterprises in Changyuan County of Henan Province, unauthorized start Longsheng Auto Parts Co. Ltd., Henan huifate Auto Parts Co., Ltd. Anyang city Tangyin County sub Machinery Co. Ltd. Anyang Tianli Fine Chemical Co. Ltd. Xinxiang Jiahe new building materials Co., Ltd. Luohe city Henan Jindadi Chemical Co. Ltd. Jiaozuo City Jiang Sheng Chemical Co. Shangqiu Bosen thermal Co. Ltd. Zhengzhou air port Henan Zhongyuan Industrial Co. Ltd. Zhengzhou air port Zhengzhou Jingtai Commercial Concrete Co. Ltd. Shangqiu city Henan Yongcheng Alwayseal Technology Ltd Zhoukou Henan Kechang Construction Engineering Co. Ltd. of Xinyang city Li Yunfei Gongyi City, Zhengzhou City asphalt slag yard of Zhongzhou Aluminium Co. Ltd. Dengzhou Fenghua washing Limited Xincai County Fertilizer Co. Ltd. Hebi RIKANG Jiajia Heshan smelting plant, small sinus Ma Zhuang Er Gong Qu small chemical plant, Qixian County South four wells battery shell crushing plant and other small scattered poor enterprises in Jiaozuo Mengzhou City Huai Shu Xiang Long Tai Cun, Wuzhi County, North Guo Hongling refinery Guo Xiang Yi Zhuang Wang Desheng Magnesium Sulfate factory and other small scattered difference enterprises in Puyang City, Pu Cheng Zhen Liu Keng Xi Cun, fan County perlite factory and other small enterprises in Xuchang Changge city poor scattered Dong Cun Zhen Zhang Wenqiang hot galvanizing plant and other small scattered poor enterprises in Luyi County pilot town Wei Jie pan factory and other small scattered poor enterprises in Huaxian Wagang Zhai Xiang Yuan Zhuang Jia Ji repair Casting Factory of Zhumadian City Yicheng District Yi Feng Zhen Zhang Chong granite quarry 15 illegal sewage emissions exceed the standard repeated enterprises in Luoyang CLFG Long Hao Glass Co. Ltd. of Xinyang City Huacheng Anyang County Henan Special Vehicle Co. Ltd. Zhengzhou city Henan Huaxing Glass Co. Ltd. of Anyang Special Steel Co. Ltd. in Xinxiang city of Henan agricultural fertilizer Co. Ltd. Shangqiu city heart regeneration resources science and Technology Co Ltd Xinyang qiangneng new wall material Co. Ltd. Zhoukou City gold solid commercial concrete Co. Ltd. Zhoukou city Henan China new building materials Co., Ltd. Jiyuan Xin Yang Industrial Co. Ltd. Jiyuan grams wells stone factory in Gongyi City, Henan mountain silver aluminum.相关的主题文章:


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