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Interior-Decorating When we think about bathroom remodelling the two factors that usually holds our decision are the duration the bathroom will be occupied for remodeling and the cost involved with it. But it is not necessary that you have to keep your plans at bay due to it. Here are few ideas to give a fresh new look in a single day without much cost and hassles. Upgrade sink faucets For a bathroom faucets are the jewels. A new faucet will give a new definition to the looks. There are many option available in the market from styles that fit with almost any decor from classic to contemporary or rich to rustic or any style of such sort. Changing faucets have an additional benefit attached to it. Generally the older faucets have a higher flow rate and are more prone to leaks due to wear and tear. So more water and money are wasted in them. Redo the paint While redesigning any place, painting it always on the must to do list. It is of course the easiest and the simplest ways to give the space a new look. You may not require a lot of paint for the bathrooms and they can be done in a single day. While choosing the color keep in mind that your bathroom is a place to give you relaxation. Keep the shades lighter, softer or neutral. You can always add colour with the backdrops, accessories and towels. Change the cabinets and hardware With the new looks with the paint and faucets next thing that can be changed in adding some shelves or the new hardware to them. If your bath do not have much of the space you can add up some under the sink cabinets. Or even you can even get knobs and drawer pulls replaced. Look for the hardware that complements the faucets to give the pleasing looks to the bathroom. You can find popular finishes like brushed nickel, polished chrome, oil rubbed bronze and satin brass. Replace your shower Of course when you change the faucets, the shower heads is also a must to replace piece in the bathroom and it should complement the looks that you are giving to your bathroom. There are many options available in the market that offers multiple benefits. The spray pattern can be adjusted to get a spa like feel. Also like the benefit of the faucet, the same rule applies here too. The low flow or low rise showerheads can save water along with giving more relaxed feeling to you. The window and linen Once you are done with the paint and replacements, the last thing that needs change is the window dressing and linen. The windows here needs full privacy. While the curtains may not be of good choice due to the fact that the fabric can hold the water, the blinds needs to be in the material that is easily cleanable and water resistant. Try for PVC roller or roman blinds. You can add some luxurious towels and rugs in the bathroom or the door that matches the decor to complete the finish. Once done, your bathroom is all set with new looks and feel that relax your mind. Just the simple and small changes can bring in new life in your bathroom and makes all the difference in no limited budget. About the Author: As a face of the Livin Blinds digital team I, myself and my business have 15 years experience in the window blinds industry.From single blind to the complete window treatments of huge complexes like hospitals, hotels, residences and institutional complexes, Livin blinds deals in wide range of high-quality blinds that are crafted with utmost care to suit your concept and demand. The range also consists of green material for those who love the nature. Visit our website ..livinblinds.. Article Published On: 相关的主题文章:


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