35 children Yetan undersea world subsea tunnel with fish. whereisip

35 children Yetan undersea world subsea tunnel with small fish sleep friends tour aquarium reporter Long Zaiquan photo kids overnight aquarium reporter dragon in the video business reporter daqchem Chongqing daily news on the evening of 23, Chongqing where the weekend with red hat tourism activities in the Chongqing window of the world. 35 children participated in the "Yetan underwater world" activities and exciting treasure hunt, finally fell asleep in the tunnel. 100 people to sign up for the "Father sent me, although he can not come in, but I am not afraid of the! It’s fun to play with my little buddy. I’m not the first one!" 23, in the aquarium room, from the first grade class 3 tree primary school this year, 6 and a half years old, Han Yaxin said excitedly. The kids in the rest made into gruel, excited, although not accompanied by their parents, but they are looking forward to the evening. At this time, in front of the small red hat friends travel Lu teacher came to begin, team building work, let the kids know how to discipline, and let them know each other, let the makeshift team more united. Lu said the teacher, in this entertaining way, kids can learn knowledge in entertainment, their independence and creativity can be cultivated. It is reported that this event has received enthusiastic support from parents. In order to allow the children to have a better experience, the activities of the organizers strictly control the number of applicants from the 100 screening of the 35 children to participate in activities. Divided into 5 groups of treasure hunt children’s age difference, in team construction, they were divided into 5 groups and the game. "Kids, there are 5 tasks bag teacher hands, there is a treasure map, you will receive each team a task bag, then ask you as much as possible to find hidden in the marine museum inside the treasure!" Lu teacher said mysteriously. The children heard to treasure, could not help but cheer up. Lu said the teacher, the staff will hide some of the cards on the map in front of the marine museum, so that the children to find these lost card, the ability to exercise various teams of the team. To find the card, the children around the sea sister, asked her to explain the knowledge of the ocean on the card. Treasure hunt, to find out the most cards team won the victory. Subsequently, the children according to the relevant knowledge of the ocean, to play creative power and imagination, compiled a "protection of coral", "the mermaid to save the Prince" and other small stories and performances, make everyone laugh. 23 evening, at the end of 9, the children play some hungry, under the organization of the teacher, we went back to the lounge, open their own small backpack, and began to share their food with other children. Then, everyone wash, ready to sleep in the tunnel. At 10 in the evening, the children were lying in the tunnel, while watching the sea animals, while listening to the story of the sea, gradually into the sweet dreamland.相关的主题文章:


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