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3 simple actions that seriously ill family as a precursor to learn the original title: three simple actions can determine whether the ill will, for the elderly must learn stroke, commonly known as stroke, has become more and more common diseases. Last year data show that China has 6 million stroke patients, and there is a trend of younger, stroke probability of 20 to 64 year old age layer has increased by 25%, accounting for 1/3 of stroke patients. The cerebral infarction (ischemic stroke) is terrible. However, if you know the signs of stroke, can be found as soon as possible, timely treatment, the maximum to avoid the occurrence of serious effect and life of life. Stroke is caused by a blocked blood circulation, blood flow to the brain to stop certain areas, resulting in uncontrolled memory decline, muscle loss and other symptoms or exercise capacity. In fact, the warning signs are not a little subtle, but significant, with action, speech and expression will be changed greatly. As for the specific embodiment in which, depending on which parts of the brain lesions. Learn the famous "fast" stroke (F.A.S.T.) test, have the opportunity to find early symptoms. F.A.S.T. is a English word referred to as F- face (Face) to determine whether a person is very important to observe the stroke, they face. When certain parts of the brain ischemia, the cell will because of ischemia damage and even death, which means that the parts of the body muscles will not be able to control the normal operation. In this way, patients may face suddenly abnormal side droop down: for example, the eyes or mouth, tongue down side, smiling face askew…… These are the warning signs. The A- arm (Arms) to further confirm the possibility of one stroke, so they also raised his hands. If the patient is on the verge of a stroke, so his arm may be better than another weaker, i.e. hand no other hand. This is a part of the brain may occur due to insufficient blood supply, thereby affecting the control of parts of the body it said. S- language (Speak) stroke can affect brain activity, resulting in patients unable to speak fluently. Let a person say "don’t spit grape skins" sentence of grapes, pay attention to their speech is not stumbling or confusing, if barylalia, with clever, may mean that their brains will even have been "invasion". T- time (Time) hypothesis found the above three kinds of symptoms, it is time to play 120, medical treatment as soon as possible. Stroke is a serious brain diseases, treatment of a minute delay, which means more damage to brain cells. According to the National Institute of neurological disorders and stroke statistics, if cerebral infarction or cerebral infarction were treated within three hours of onset, the possibility of recovery will increase up to 30%. Five methods to reduce the risk of stroke if three or more symptoms do not exist, Congratulations, you do not have the risk of stroke. However, if you pay attention to the following five points, can further reduce the possibility of disease. 1. ensure the normal blood pressure and stroke is due to a blood clot (thrombus) obstruction of blood circulation, thus maintaining normal blood pressure is critical. Lowering blood pressure in many ways, such as reducing salt (sodium) intake, eat more contain.

3个简单动作发现重病前兆 为家人一定要学原标题:三个简单动作可判断是否将得重病,为家中老人一定要学脑卒中,俗称中风,已经成为越来越常见的疾病。去年数据表明,我国有600万中风患者,且有年轻化趋势,20~64岁年龄层的中风概率已经提高25%,占中风病患的三分之一。其中的脑梗(缺血性脑卒中)尤为可怕。然而,如果你了解中风的迹象,便可尽早发现,及时治疗,最大限度避免发生影响生活乃至生命的严重后果。中风是由于血液循环受阻,导致流向脑部特定区域的供血停止,因而造成记忆衰退、肌肉不受控或者运动能力减退等症状。事实上,中风的前兆一点都不细微,反而相当显著,患者的行动、言语、表情都会发生较大变化。至于具体体现在哪个方面,则取决于大脑哪个部位病变。学会著名的中风“快速”(F.A.S.T.)测试,就有机会更早发现症状。F.A.S.T.是是个英文单词的简称——F-脸(Face)要判断一个人是否即将发生中风,观察他们的脸部很重要。当大脑某部位缺血,细胞将会因为缺血受损甚至死亡,这意味着该部位控制的身体肌肉会无法正常运作。这样,患者的脸部可能突然出现一边耷拉下来的异常现象:譬如眼睛或嘴角往下掉、舌头偏向一边、微笑时脸部歪斜……这些都是中风的前兆。A-手臂(Arms)如果要进一步确认一个人的中风可能性,让他们同时举起双手。若患者濒临发生中风,那么他的一只手臂可能表现得比另一只更弱,即一只手举得没有另一只手高。这是由于大脑某部位可能发生供血不足,进而影响了它说控制的身体部位。S-言语(Speak)中风会影响大脑活动,造成患者无法流利说话。让一个人重复说“吃葡萄不吐葡萄皮”之类的句子,留意他们的言语是不是磕磕绊绊或者令人费解,如果言语不清、口齿不伶俐,可能意味着他们的大脑即将甚至已经受到“侵袭”。T-时机(Time)假设发现上述三种症状,是时候打120,尽快就医。中风是严重的脑部疾病,治疗拖延一分钟,就意味着更多的脑细胞受损。根据国家神经性疾病和卒中研究所的统计数据,如果是脑梗塞或者脑梗死,发病三小时内得到治疗,恢复正常的可能性将提高多达三成。五个方法降低中风风险如果以上三个症状都不存在,恭喜,你暂时不存在中风危险。不过,如果注意以下五点,可以进一步降低发病可能性。1. 保证血压正常中风是由于血凝块(血栓)阻塞了血液循环,因此保持血压正常非常关键。降血压方式很多,像减少食盐(钠元素)摄入、多吃含钾元素的食物、保持健康体重等。2. 经常运动经常运动,能够保证心血管健康,增强心跳供血能力,这样既能降低血压、又能保持体重,因此是预防中风的好方法。3. 有节制饮酒摄入适量的酒精是好事,有助于降低2~4mmHg的血压。但饮酒必须适度,这根据最新指南的指示:每人每天喝不超过200ml的13%的葡萄酒,或者不超过55ml的46%的白酒,就在适度饮酒范围内。事实上,饮食上的一切都需适度,确保营养均衡。4. 避免抑郁压力和抑郁,容易造成酗酒、吸烟和缺乏运动。这些坏习惯都会增加高血压乃至中风的危险。因此,做好情绪管理,避免不开心,积极向上,不仅事关精神健康,更关系到身体健康。5. 留意心跳根据美国《预防》杂志,如果一个人频繁心跳过快,出现呼吸困难或者胸痛症状,意味着其心率失常,医学上称为“房颤”。这将直接影响血流,增加中风的风险。不过,只要早发现、早治疗,这是一种很容易控制的症状。相关的主题文章:


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