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2016 Dashanlan community public art design Guanting town September 29th, with "public art construction" as the theme of the contemporary community and mountain plan public art forum held in Beijing square. In Guang’an Guanting town and holding public art projects in the mountains, is a large-scale public art town of Guanting Reservoir project. The guests have public art master Deng Hui Guanting Town, the famous curator Liu Libin, Chinese art sculpture exhibition industry association secretary general Song Weiguang Specialized Committee of Tsinghua University, Academy of Fine Arts professor Xu Zhenglong, the famous young artist Lu Zhengyuan, cutting-edge young artist Wang En to project and art director Yang Lujia et al. Guanting town deputy general public art high Yu first carried out the opening ceremony. The mountain and the project around Beijing Tianjin Hebei collaborative development, seize the Beijing Olympic Winter Games in Zhangjiakou’s successful bid for the opportunity, starting from the point by force to the estate and build industry operation point of view, the overall form four supporting industries: Leisure health, arts and culture, Olympic sports and old-age health, is committed to creating the most open, the most northern area of Beijing the cultural element, livable town. Among them, the perfect integration of public art and real estate projects is a bold attempt to cross the border. And plans to make the artist stay in the local exploration of the relationship between architecture and people and create, and make the small town residents to participate in the project. Exploration of art of public art not only in the town of Guanting mountain, and following the plan of the two phase of the project has started construction, the future will be more open and specific implementation, the public, such as Mountain Art Museum and Art Center of the building, so that the public can feel the art, art, art into the real participation. Understand the charm of public art. Then, the academic auspices of Liu Libin made an academic opening. He pointed out that the history of public art in the Republic of China has formed an important plate in recent years, community intervention has become a new phenomenon. Public art will create a "second space" in the community, set up second space will affect the community living people living atmosphere, radiation occurs its influence will influence from the community, which affects the regional culture and economy of a city. The architect design, art museum building, the artists involved, even curatorial program intervention, cultural criticism intervention, will make the living environment, cultural positioning and corporate image greatly enhance the community. In such a context, entrepreneurs in the field of public art reflects the culture of the play, and its involvement in the behavior of the enterprise or a team of cultural feelings and their concern for the development of society and as a. He also said that Beijing is really famous distinctive community is not much, as to the space and culture especially sensitive populations, the artist may be called community quality monitor. Guanting town of art of public art and real estate project integration of cultural ideas, not only for the physical space for cultural orientation, which relates to life positioning problem. In this, people today choose to live will be more to consider the environment atmosphere and interpersonal circle. A high standard of living in the community, physical space is good, the quality of the people, the interaction between people will be formed in the long-term life of the community operation. Since ancient times, China has been talking about feng shui has its own wisdom, the living space of the living space and 1相关的主题文章:


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