200 thousand bought a lamp and rust scratch Jinhua consumers are injured winavi

200 thousand bought a lamp and rust scratch Jinhua consumers are injured in the about 200000 "August 5th Yiwu city beauty under the lamp lamp, up to now have not installed, sent light with scratches, there is no way to do business." Yesterday, the hotline Jinhua Zhao Dongyang people call the "news" said lane. Speaking of this lamp, Mr. Zhao a stomach grievances. His home in the town of Dongyang, Weishan, 3 months ago, he went to the market to buy Lamps in Yiwu, in the city of Yiwu, the United States and the United States to pick a light shop in a group of about 200000 lamps. The shop promised delivery within 1 months, Mr. Zhao paid money to go home and wait. In September 5th, said 1 months of delivery time has come, but still have not seen the light. Mr. Zhao call to urge, the other said 10 days. September 15th, the first batch of lamps sent to open a look, Mr. Zhao silly eye. "So many scratches! Where is the new light? It is clear that the price of 5000 yuan, the price is not worth $500!" Mr. Zhao from the photos, the lamp body is covered with scratches, rusty joints. Mr. Zhao to shop and negotiate, that beautiful city lights have been Yiwu tingkin lights family acquisition, lighting installation and distribution from the tripod to take over. Dingxin people responsible for Chen and Mr. Zhao made contact, and promised to change a number of lights, the duration of 20 days. By the end of September, Mr. Zhao home base is still empty, the lamp was served until October 8th. Unexpectedly, these lights still Kepeng traces. This commitment, Dingxin 1 weeks again a replacement, but they have no say in the time of delivery. Three or four times overdue delivery, it is obviously not the new lamp, Mr. Zhao lost patience to reflect 12315. Today morning, Chen is responsible for reporters and Yiwu tingkin lights family contact, he said to Mr. Zhao this single business really sorry, but they also have their own troubles. Originally, the city lights the original set list, prepared with the lamp with part sample lamp, which explains why Dingxin arrangements after delivery, Mr. Zhao received the lamp with a scratch. "City lights in order and beauty handover, indeed there are omissions, we were in the city lights is irresponsible to wipe my ass." Chen said that when the two batch of light sent in the past have quality problems, they found this problem. Due to the lack of information in this batch of orders lamps, one by one investigation after contact the corresponding lamp Dingxin manufacturer, the new request. "Manufacturers told us that the new lights to 20 days, we will reply to Mr. Zhao, but after the time, and the emergence of a new situation." Chen said, the company told the city lamps in order to light did not settle, settle until delivery requirements of Dingxin, this caused a time delay. Now, Mr. Zhao is still the main lamp lamp sample living room with rust, scratches and. Dingxin told reporters that the current order in light has 2 lamp that has not delivered, of which 1 light November 5th will arrive, the main living room lamp new even thirty or forty days. "We also conducted consultations with Mr. Zhao, he promised a new lamp delivered immediately arrange for delivery installation, the remaining two does not exceed the stipulated time." This afternoon, Chen reply to reporters. Zhao said that in accordance with the order of the original configuration for all new lights is the least, originally a 3.相关的主题文章:


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